Broadcast transmission processor.


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The DB Series Transmission Processors take any programme material and prepare it for broadcast. Loudness, format, peak and timing control keeps production simple and fast. Mono, stereo and surround formats are supported with flexible format conversion. All internal audio processing is at 48-bit for flawless audio quality. Multiple DB units can be accessed from one or more PCs running Windows NT 95 or higher using standard TCP/IP and Ethernet interface and user lock, security and warning conditions can be specified.

• DB-8: Operate 4 stereo or 5.1 processors or 8 mono

• DB-4: Operate 2 stereo or 5.1 processors or 4 mono

• Loudness processing for consistent level control across programs

• Intersample accurate limiting for optimum sound quality from compression codecs

• Silent update delay adjustments in combination with other processing

• PC control • 2U rack-mountable mainframe

• 8ch AES/EBU I/O

•  HD SDI I/O versions also available