SONNET xMac Pro Server

4U rackmount enclosure for Mac Pro.


£1,375.00 Price excludes VAT

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The Sonnett xMac Pro Server is a 4U rackmount enclosure for the new Mac Pro. The xMac Pro Server was designed to address the exclusion of PCIe expansion cards with the new Mac Pro by including three PCIe 2.0 slots, 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 technology, and expandability of Echo Express III-R Thunderbolt 2 expansion chassis for PCIe cards. Like the III-R, xMac Pro Server provides space for the mounting of additional equipment, such as storage expansion. It is  portable, durable and compact at only 16-inches deep and securely holds the computer and installed cards.

A universal 300W power supply is provided and it includes a 75W PCIe power connector for cards that require supplementary power, such as the Avid Pro Tools|HDX or the new Red Rocket-X., xMac Pro Server is enviro-friendly and automatically powers the PCIe expansion system on or off whenever the connected computer powers on or wakes, or powers off or sleeps. Temperature-controlled, variable-speed fans automatically and quietly cool the cards

The xMac Pro Server’s Front Panel provides a panel power button to activate the power switch on Mac Pro, a USB 3.0 port enables connection of keyboard, mouse, thumb drive, etc. It Rear Panel provides connection of two Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 3.0, and HDMI ports for easy connectivity. A 5-Year Warranty is included at no additional cost.