Mic / line source selector with compressor/limiter.


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The RB-SSML1 is a 1U rack-mountable source selector for compressing or limiting an incoming microphone or stereo line signal and mixing this signal with a stereo monitor input, which can then be metered and mixed to two headphone outputs.

The mic input consists of an independent low-noise microphone pre-amplifier for converting microphone level signals to a line level. There are independent switches to control a high pass filter (low frequency roll-off at 125Hz) and to provide phantom power at +48V to the connected microphone. A preset pot on the rear panel allows adjustment of the mic gain from 36dB to 75dB. A front panel switch selects between mic and line inputs. The mono mic input is converted to a stereo signal before being passed to the compressor/limiter.

The metering is carried out post-compressor/limiter section and consists of two rows of 12 round LEDs showing levels between -17dB and +11dB.

• Source selector with compressor/limiter

• 1 XLR mic input

• 2 XLR line input

• 2 XLR monitor input

• 2 XLR output