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Nucleus aims to be the centre of your studio, by combining an advanced DAW controller, with SuperAnalogue monitoring paths, mic preamps and a high-quality USB audio interface. The controller features two banks of eight channel controls plus a centre section with transport controls. Digital scribble strips and assignable V-Pots and soft keys provide a wide range of physical control over HUI or MCU control protocols.

In addition to acting as a powerful control surface the Nucleus houses two SSL preamps, using the same preamp technology as the highly-acclaimed Duality and AWS series consoles. These connect to two monitor outputs and along with stereo S/PDIF I/O to a USB interface for 4×4 interfacing with your DAW.

• Ethernet controlled DAW controller

• Switch between 3 connected DAWs at the push of a button

• 2 banks of 8 channel controls

• Centre transport section

• Touch-sensitive 100mm faders

• SD card for project storage

• 2 analogue inputs with SSL mic preamps

• 2 analogue outputs

• Stereo S/PDIF I/O

• USB interfacing

• Bundled with Duende plug-ins