RF over fibre solution Transmitter


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The Sennheiser UKFO-TX2 Fibre Optical Transmitter is designed to convert the UHF radio signals from two receiving antenna feeds and transmits the resulting signals down two cores of single mode optical fibre. UKFO-TX2 is built into a weatherproof 1200 Peli Case and can be powered locally by 240V AC, 12V DC or a Vlock Battery housed inside the Peli Case. A 3/8-imch Whitworth thread adaptor is provided to allow for flexible mounting solutions The FO-TX does not charge the Vlock battery, it must be removed for charging.

• Dramatically increases distance receive antennas can be placed from receivers.

• Enables coverage of large sites such as golf courses, without the use of multiple receive sites.

• Allows for multiple antenna sites to be linked together to form an antenna network.

Connector: Power con
12V DC Connector

Power supply: AC Mains
13.8V DC
Internal Vlock Battery (not included)

Operating voltage (mains): 90-264V

UKFO-TX2 ships with
• 1 FO-TX Fibre Optic Transmitter
• 1 x Powercon Cable
• Instruction manual