RF over fibre solution Receiver


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The Sennheiser UKFO-RX2 is a Fibre Optical Receiver that converts the resulting signal from the Fibre Optical Transmitter to 2 x RF Outputs. There is visual indication on the unit to display the Power Status and battery level of the Fibre Optical Transmitter as well as indication of the light level received from the individual fibre cores. There is an internal adjustment to increase the fibre receive gain. Housed in a ½ rack with unit, UKFO-RX2 is designed to be coupled alongside a Sennheiser ASA-1 Active RF Distribution unit for additional distribution of RF signals.

• Converts signal from Fibre Optical Transmitter to 2 x RF Outputs
• Fibre Optical Transmitter power status / battery level indication
• Internally adjusts fibre receive gain
• Frequency range from 470MHz to 790 MHz

Frequency range: 470MHz to 790 MHz
Gain: 0 dB
Connection cable: BNC, 50 ohms
Dimensions: (WxDxH) – 210mm x 190mm(inc connectors) x 45mm
Weight: approx. 1.37 Kg

Sennheiser UKFO-RX2s ships with
1x FO-TX Fibre Optical Receiver
1x NT 1 – 1 Power Supply
1x Instruction manual