Headphone dose management cable.


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Sennheiser’s HDM Pro headphone dose management cable utilises sophisticated LimitEar technology to protect users from impulse sounds, loud sounds and excessive noise dose to prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Designed to assist in meeting the Noise at Work Regulations, HDM Pro ensures personal Hearing Dose Management at all times, warns the user of significant levels and takes action to protect them.

HDM Pro controls volume rather than limiting and does not permit sounds over 118dB, so there is no discernible effect on audio quality. Rapid management of very high signals below 118dBA SPL but above 100dBA is provided using a Rapid Overload Response Mechanism. Long-term Hearing Dose Management is based on a 24 hour rolling period, and HDM Pro adjusts the volume depending on the users individual exposure to sound.

??HDM Pro uses a combination of Green and Red LED indicators to provide the user with information about their 24-hour dosage. During the listening period users are encouraged to keep an eye on the display and indicators. The greater the ratio of Red to Green flashes, the higher the volume level. All dynamic range is preserved so that users are not forced to listen to a maximum pre-determined level, as is common with level limited headphones. ??

The battery life of HDM Pro is greater than seven days. If the battery runs flat HDM Pro will apply a 14dB pad to the signal to provide some basic protection until it is recharged. ??

Sennheiser’s 70 Ohm HD 25 headphones are available pre-fitted with the HDM Pro cable. Customers with existing 70 Ohm HD 25 headphones can purchase the HDM Pro cable separately for £165.00 excluding VAT (Code: HDMPROR). Both versions (with or without headphones) come with a USB charging cable and instruction manual.

• Long-term hearing dose management based on 24-hour rolling assessment?
• Helps prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)
• Complies with 2005 Noise at Work Regulations
• Peak levels limited to a maximum of 118dB ?
• All audio over 100dB and up to a maximum of a 118dB is soft limited back to 100dB within 500ms.
• If the battery runs flat HDM Pro will apply a 14dB pad to the signal, to provide basic protection until it is recharged?
• A fully charged HDM Pro unit will last for approximately 7 days of use
• Dimensions: 65 x 25 x 15mm (on cable)
• Weight: 30g addition to cable
• Transmission loss: Less than 3dB insertion loss

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Limited-time introductory price: HDM Pro LimitEar Cable Only – £165.00 Ex Vat.