Lavalier stage production wireless mic system.


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The third generation of Sennheiser’s radio microphone series brings more radio frequencies into use and extends the audio response down to 25Hz. All models in the G3 range now feature Soundcheck Mode and EQ from the 500 Series along with a more user-friendly operation system.
For professional installation and touring rigs the 300 Series brings greater control and advanced features such as synchronisation and warning settings when setting up the wireless system. The 300 Series is also fitted with an Ethernet interface, enabling rackmount devices to be controlled from a PC using Sennheiser’s Wireless Systems Manager software.
The unobtrusive ME-4 clip-on microphone is paired with an EM 300 G3 rack-mount receiver and SK 300 G3 transmitter, providing a small and portable system. The ME-4 has a cardioid pickup pattern which offers resistance to feedback and provides a strong, clear vocal reproduction.