SAMSON S-phone

4-channel headphone amplifier.


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Each of the S-phone’s four channels includes three headphone outputs with an overall volume control and individual level meters. A stereo auxiliary input is available on each channel so that individual line signals from direct or buss outputs can be mixed with the main stereo input. The balance control adjusts either the ratio of the main and auxiliary signal, or the left to right balance (based on the setting of the ST/2CH switch) allowing the headphone mix to be tailored to individual needs. S phone also features a 2-band equalizer on each of the four channels. A master stereo aux input on the front panel is also supplied for inserting a second signal to all headphones.

  • Three headphone outputs per channel (2 on rear, 1 on front) on unbalanced (stereo wired) 1/4″ jacks
  • Link output and main input on balanced 1/4″ jacks
  • Aux inputs and inserts on unbalanced (stereo wired) 1/4″ jacks