Multistandard sync engine.


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The Nanosyncs HD multistandard sync engine locks PAL, NTSC or slow PAL, progressive or interlaced tri level video syncs, precision word clocks and digital audio reference signals all together. The DDS audio clock sythesiser combined with a new, ultra high frequency analog PLL design results in lowest clock jitter and phase drift. Unlock and relock procedures ensure all output signals deliver stable reference signals in all situations.

Eight word clock outputs can be configured to output base sample rates 44.1/48kHz including the respective +/- 0.1% and 4% pull factors. Applied x2 or x4 multipliers produce accordingly 88.2/96 or 176.4/192kHz. The two AES/EBU reference outputs and an SPDIF output can be configured to base (x1) or double (x2) sample rates. All audio clocks can be resolved to the video section as well as to external word clock or LTC time code signals. A MIDI device class compliant USB port serves to feed a digital audio workstation with MTC. A built in LTC generator can be controlled with MMC (MIDI machine control) or be slaved to MTC from a host computer to provide a video phase locked time code output.

Six video outputs can be individually routed to output the SD standard video sync or the HD tri level reference signal. The internal SD and HD video generators can be genlocked to external standard definition video sync signals as well as to HD tri level reference signals with frame rates at 24, 48, 25, 30, 60 Hz including the respective -0.1% pull down values.