SDI to HDMI Video Converter


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Roland’s VC-1 is a range of portable video converters for multi-format conversion technology concentrated in a simplified mini-converter for high-quality, lossless video and audio conversion. The VC-1 series faithfully converts the original source with no change in colour or brightness. It supports super-blacks and super-whites, and converts video from cameras and other source devices with all the originality intact.

The VC-1 series reproduces the video characteristics of the original source with no interlace artefacts, pixel shifting, or other conversion problems or signal errors. Jitter and return loss are at optimised levels as well. Video signals beyond 1080i can be input and output, and it supports both level A and level B 3G-SDI, letting you connect a wide variety of 3G-SDI equipment. Similarly, 1080i, 720p, and SD signals are accommodated automatically on connection. Audio embedding and de-embedding features are provided (channel-selectable). The VC-1 series is compliant with HDCP.

VC-1-SH Key Features:
• SDI to HDMI conversion with an additional SDI Thru/Out output
• Lossless Image Conversion, fully 1080P compatible
• Comprehensive SDI formats – 3G (Level A&B), HD and SDHDMI HDCP Support
• Multi-purpose audio I/O switchable between balanced analogue and AES
• Computer control or local set up via the on-board DIP switch controls.
• Setting retained when powered down.
• Selectable SDI channel and group for audio em/de-embedding
• LED status displays
• Robust construction with metal chassis with chassis mounted connectors.
• Compact size, rack bracket available (Rad-3)
• Suitable for
• Integrating SDI source equipment with HDMI equipment
• External audio embedding into HDMI and SDI Thru/Out outputs
• Audio de-embedding from an incoming SDI source