Multi format video switcher.


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The Roland V-40HD is a true multi-format HD video switcher offering almost unlimited scaling and format conversion between HDMI, DVI, RGB, Component and composite video inputs and outputs.  It supports I/O resolutions up to 1080/60p and 1920 x 1200 and HD quality internal processing .  The V-40HD is HDCP compliant and embedded audio can be switched in conjunction with the video signals.

• 12 inputs, four sections each with HDMI/DVI, RGB/component and composite connectors
• Three output sections: Output 1 (HDMI RGB/Component, Composite) Output 2 (HDMI, RGB/Component) and Preview (HDMI)
• Independent scalers for the 4 input and 3 output sections, allowing virtually any combination of sources to be combined and routed to outputs, each set to independent resolutions.
• 4:4/10-bit Internal processing (*4:2:2/8-bit Output Processing)
• Built-in frame synchronizers
• Preview monitor output (Four-way split screen for Inputs, PST, PGM, or DSK).
• HDCP compliant inputs allows copy protected Blu-ray content to be mixed with other video sources.