Live personal mixer.


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The RSS M-48 gives musicians and performers the ability to create their own monitor mixes on stage. Control up to 40 audio channels in 16 stereo groups with individual volume, pan, three-band EQ and built-in reverb per group.

To use the M-48 you will need an RSS S-4000D splitter, which sends the 40-channel audio and power over a single CAT5e cable. This can be connected to Roland’s M-400 digital mixer for a complete digital mixing system, or existing mixer systems using the S-1608 (16-channel) or S-4000S (40-channel) digital snakes.

• 40 digital input channels

• Stereo Aux input

• Built-in ambient mic

• Stereo line out

• Stereo headphone output

• REAC port accepts 40 channels of audio and power over CAT5e cable