Digital mixer with iPad control.


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The M-200i is a 32-channel digital V-Mixer with iPad control, featuring 24 analogue inputs, 12 analogue outputs and stereo digital output (AES/EBU) all built-in to the main unit. It offers four multi-effect processors, four 31-band graphic EQ units and other convenient functions including WAV recording/playback using USB memory, remote control via PC/Mac, and DAW recording.

A built in REAC port makes the M-200i easily expanded to include remote I/O by adding a Roland Digital Snake head. The system can also be expanded further with any other device from the REAC family including Personal Mixers and/or Multi-channel Recorder/Player technology. Inside it is equipped with a fully spec’d 32 channels plus Main LR, 8 AUX, 4 Matrix outputs, along with 8 DCA groups.

• 32-channel digital mixer (controllable with or without iPad)

• 17 motorized faders, dedicated buttons and knobs for key functions

• 24 onboard inputs and 14 outputs – expandable up to 64 x 54

• Fully featured iPad control for all major functions

• Wireless and wired iPad control (two at same time)