ROLAND Digital Snake

Digital audio distribution system.


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The RSS Digital Snake is a 40-channel digital audio transmission system featuring remote controllable microphone preamps, configurable inputs and outputs, and immunity to RF and electrical interference. The remote control unit also features “scene” recall of preamp settings including level and phantom power status. Additionally Mac/PC software is available for system configuration, scene recall, and visual monitoring. Using a standard CAT 5e cable, one person can easily manage several hundred feet of multi-channel audio cabling allowing for very portable P.A. applications. The system offers built-in cable redundancy, automatically switching to the backup cable should the main cable be compromised. The system inputs can be “split” using approved Ethernet fast switching hubs providing for multiple “transformerless” audio feeds to monitor consoles, recording devices, and broadcast facilities.

• 40 channels of 24-bit/96 kHz audio over one Cat5e cable

• Redundant Cat5e port for main audio cable redundancy

• Remote control for the smooth, zipper-free control of preamp gain, individual phantom power, and -20db pad

• Preset memories of preamp settings for fast setup and stage changes

• Free Mac/PC software for additional control