Compact condenser microphone.


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Specifically designed for difficult mounting applications where a small ‘unobtrusive’ but powerful microphone system is required, the RØDE NT6 is intended for film, television, broadcast, live performance, surround and environmental recording. It employs the same 1/2″ gold sputtered condenser transducer as found in the NT5. The surface-mount pre-amplifier circuit features a 2-position variable pad with 0dB and -10dB attenuation, as well as a 2-position variable high-pass filter which steps from flat to 80Hz. Supplied with microphone preamp (body), capsule, 3m fibre reinforced cable, RM5 stand mount, 2-axis swivel mount, 2 thread adaptors, ZP1 zip pouch and WS5 windshield.
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