PMC Twotwo sub1

active subwoofer


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The PMC Twotwo Sub1 is an active subwoofer designed for use in a 2.1 configuration with PMC’s twotwo series monitors, or to reproduce a low frequency effects (LFE) channel in a surround monitoring system.

The twotwo Sub 1 features an ultra-low distortion Class-D power amplifier with DSP-based filtering and bass management functions. It accepts both stereo analogue and AES3 digital inputs, which are combined to feed the twotwo subwoofer system, in addition to being passed through to the analogue and digital outputs for external connections.

The comprehensive feature set of the twotwo Sub1 includes controls to adjust input source, analogue input sensitivity, gain trim and overall volume, as well as the sub´s lowpass filters slope and frequency. Phase can also be adjusted, and a single parametric Equaliser is provided to assist with inroom alignment. The analogue and digital outputs can be high-pass filtered, if required, to feed satellite speakers in a 2.1 configuration.

The twotwo subwoofer offers two high-quality long-throw bass drivers that employ a unique (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading principle. Modern materials are utilised to provide optimised absorption of unwanted low-midrange energy within the cabinet, while extending bass output with minor harmonic distortion.


• Usable frequency response:  22Hz – 200Hz

• Effective ATL  length:  3m (9.8ft)

• Drive units: LF 170mm (6.5 inch)

• Input Connectors:  Two balanced analogue Left/Right XLR Female; One AES digital XLR Female

• Digital Sample Rate:  32 -192kHz, 24-bit via internal sample rate converter

• Volume Range:  -48.5dB to +15dB

• Cabinet dimensions:  H 550 W 200 D 516 (mm)

• Weight: 18kg


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