Phoenix Audio Nicerizer 8

Sweetener / summing mixer.


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The Nicerizer is designed to take audio out of the digital realm, and add analogue characteristics and feel before the final recording. It has 8 channels of Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformerless input and 8 channels of transformer balanced output. In addition to the 8 individual outputs, channels 1 – 4 and 5 -8 feed two individual mix busses that have independent line level outputs. 4 sockets on the rear of the unit provide access to the mix bus inputs and outputs to allow very versatile stacking, plus linking to further units and to itself.

• 8 balanced XLR inputs

• 8 balanced XLR outputs

• Independent mix output on balanced XLRs

• Individual level control for each channel

• 2 mix busses (linkable to each other and other units)

• 2 individual mix bus output level controls with 10dB “in hand”

• LED level monitoring switchable for each channel

• Separate headphone monitoring switchable to each channel, plus an additional headphone jack for monitoring the A and B mix outputs

ALSO AVAILABLE – Nicerizer 16 – 16-2 summing mixer – please call for details.