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State-of-the-art dialogue cueing and recording system.


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State- of-the-art dialogue cueing and recording system


Designed specifically for Pro Tools® based ADR Recording Studios, and incorporating all the features of ADR Master 2 Editor, ADR Master 2 Studio adds vital ADR Recording tools & additional support for a second video hardware device output. Harness the advanced remote recording & track control of the active Pro Tools® session with DAW Control. Take a load off by pre-defining in the dedicated track matrix which Pro Tools® tracks you want to hear during ADR Cue Rehearse, Record, or Review modes.


Importing &  creating ADR Cues- quick and easy

ADR Master Studio offers many ways to create, import or edit ADR Cue visual events. Create them quickly & directly in ADR Master with a single button press, from a text file stored in one of the many supported formats (CSV, ADR Studio XML, Pro Tools Session Info text file, script, etc) or grab & fine-tune them directly from a Pro Tools timeline selection.

Filter & organise your cues easily with the expanded Event list- making sure they match the picture perfectly with the plethora of overlays that ADR Master offers.

Powerful dialog recording features

Tightly integrated with your current Pro Tools® session, ADR Master is your perfect companion for recording ADR. It provides all the timing cues your actors will need to deliver their best performance – including beeps, on-screen wipes, countdowns, text, black screens, and more.

Quickly Rehearse / Record / Review any ADR Cue using ADR Master Studio’s unique DAW Control window or the dedicated hotkeys. Let ADR Master do all the Pro Tools® track & audio file naming for you, so you can focus on keeping a good session flow, with minimal delays between cues. Remove the stress of manually handling which Pro Tools tracks to mute, set to input mode, or play during each recording mode – with the intergrated track DAW Tracks & Track Types sections.

Live Events – the quickest way to record ADR!

Ever received a Pro Tools session & wanted to directly rehearse, record or review a region group cue with overlays – without leaving Pro Tools, or without even exporting the Pro Tools session as a text file for import?

Now you can with ADR Master’s new live events feature. Select a region group in Pro Tools & simply hit the relevant system-wide key command. ADR Master will extract the text and in/out point from the region and play/record the cue with prompts and text.

Quick and easy – and without leaving your DAW!

ADR Master is available in two versions Studio and Editor.

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Support for all of the most common codecs and containers
Support for movies in the MXF container (Op1A and OpAtom) Only in STUDIO
Synchronized movie playback with scrubbing support using MTC and MMC
Synchronized playback with scrubbing support with Avid Satellite Link
Dual display mode (picture-in-picture, side-by-side, A/B)
Direct audio playback from Video Files without creating new media
Direct video playback – no copies
Blackmagic Device Support with output resolutions up to Full HD
Blackmagic/AJA Device Support Support for output resolutions up to 4K
Video reference/genlock support
Support for two external (Blackmagic or AJA) devices at a time (with resolutions up to Full HD) Only in STUDIO
Export Video Files with Overlays
Export Video Files with mixed down audio from selected tracks
Export Video Files with multiple tracks/stems
Export Audio Mixdown Files from selected tracks
Export separate Audio Files from selected tracks
Timecode overlay
Streamer, Marker, Flutter events
ADR Cues
Triggering Visual Events through MIDI Notes
Visual Event Import from CSV Files
Visual Event Import from SRT/STL (subtitle) files
Visual Event Import from ADR Studio XML files
Visual Event Import from Pro Tools Session Info Text files
Visual Event Import from Microsoft Excel files
Visual Event Import from Netflix TTAL files
Script Import from Microsoft Word documents
Script Import from PDF files
Export Visual Events as CSV Files
Export Visual Events as Netflix TTAL Files
Export Visual Events as Microsoft Excel Files
Export Visual Events as PDF with different layouts
Export ADR Overview Sheets as PDF
Export Scheduling File (Sesam or Arendis format)
Event Editing with support for rich text (bold, underlined, italic, strikethrough, text color)
Capture events from Pro Tools selection
Modify visual events from Pro Tools selection
Send ADR Cue Events to Pro Tools as region groups
Live Events to Rehearse/Record/Review cues quickly
Record/Rehearse/Review ADR Cue events with Pro Tools Only in STUDIO
Track mute/record matrix for fine-grained track control in Pro Tools Only in STUDIO
Pro Tools track naming when recording Only in STUDIO
Supported OS macOS 10.13 and later
Minimum Requirements Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 8 GB RAM, HDD, 512 MB VRAM
Recommended Requirements Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 16 GB RAM, SSD, 1 GB VRAM