JOECO Blackbox Recorder (Balanced Analogue)

24-track audio recorder.


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The JoeCo Blackbox Recorder with balanced I/O enables you to capture your performance from a mixing console with balanced audio insert points or balanced group outputs. The BBR1-B uses the lower three 25-way female D-type connectors as balanced inputs and the upper three 25-way female as balanced outputs. The unit can use the same high quality D-type cables as for the unbalanced BBR1 – the cables conform to the standard eight-way balanced analogue cables as used by Tascam, Digidesign, Radar, and many other organisations for analogue I/O.

  • 24 channels of balanced inputs and outputs
  • 24-bit/96kHz conversion
  • Zero latency
  • Virtual soundcheck facility
  • Record directly to USB2 devices