GML 2020

Input channel.


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The 2020 combines the legendary 8300 mic pre, a 4-band version of the 8200 parametric EQ, and a complete 8900 Dynamic Range Controller. Additional enhancements include: mic, line, and DI selection, front-panel HPF, phase reverse, and phantom power switches, as well as accurate LED input metering. Input gain is selectable in 5dB steps from -10dB to 70dB. EQ can be placed pre- or post-dynamics and both sections are independently bypassable. Up to 8 2020 units can be linked for multi-channel work.

• Balanced XLR I/O

• Combined mic preamp, 4-band EQ and dynamic range controller

• EQ pre-/post-dynamics switchable

• EQ sidechain for dynamics

• 2U rack-mountable

• Requires 9015 PSU