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FXpansion is one of the world’s leading developers of audio instruments and effects for software platforms, winning numerous awards and inspiring a devoted userbase. Its mission is to push the boundaries of audio software, introducing fresh and innovative new ideas that are musically useful.


If you would like to purchase a FXpansion product or have any questions please contact sales.

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Key Products


  • BFD3 and BFD Eco: production environments for acoustic drums
  • BFD Expansions: a huge spectrum of add-on drum and room ambience sounds for your BFD software
  • Geist2: a sampling drum machine with advanced ergonomics
  • Strobe2: an analogue-modelled software polysynth
  • Tremor: a futuristic drum synth and sequencer
  • DCAM Dynamics: a compression plugin suite
  • Bloom: a modelled delay effect with exciting sound design possibilities
  • Etch: analogue-modelled filtering effect with additional distortion and compression
  • Maul: a multi-algorithm distortion and tone shaping plugin