1024 x 1024 MADI Router


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The M.1k2 is a scalable 16 port MADI router that provides a routing matrix for up to 1024 x 1024 audio channels. Featuring two I/O slots that can be fitted with either BNC or SC optical 8 MADI port I/O modules or one of each, the M.1k2 can be operated with one I/O 8 port module and may be upgraded to 16 ports.

Two phase redundant power supplies are provided, in addition to two MADI ports that may be configured as redundant pairs. The M.1k2 may be clocked by any MADI input, wordclock signal, video reference input or it can serve as a clock generator. The system clock is supplied at two additional wordclock outputs. All the audio signals can be routed randomly, in groups or singly and non-audio signals can also be routed. All the input signals are refreshed keeping the user bits unchanged at the output. Serial data (MIDI, RS-232, RS-422/485) embedded in the MADI signal or from the hardware interfaces can be routed separately from the audio signal. Four GPOs may be used for signalling events or integration in the studio. Remote operation is provided via a network connection and web browser interface.

• MADI ports (I/O): 2 x I/O modules with 8 ports per module

• Wordclock: Coaxial BNC – 1 x 2 I/O

• Coaxial BNC Video reference input

• GPO (DSUB-9): 4x Optocoupler

• Remote: RJ45 Ethernet connector (100 Mbit/s), integrated webserver

• Sample rates: 44.1 to 192 kHz (+/- 12,5%)


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