MADI AD/DA converter.


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Andiamo is a MADI AD converter that offers simultaneous conversion of 32 audio channels from A/D in 1U rack unit. Its front panel provides status LEDs for 32 all channels for a quick check of signal status (signal present, over) of all input and output channels. Two units can be cascaded for conversion of up to 64 audio channels. ?

In Matrix Mode free signal routing is provided on a per channel basis. The routing matrix is accessed via the Andiamo remote software, with three different methods for remote connection: Serial control via USB, Serial over MADI (embedded RS-232 data) and MIDI over MADI (embedded MIDI data).

2 MADI ports are standard and Andiamo can be clocked by word clock, MADI input or internally. The system clock is provided at the word clock output at any time. Two phase redundant power supplies with inlets and switches on the rear panel are provided.


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