Bolin D10H

Dante AV Ultra Decoder


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The Bolin D10H Dante AV Ultra Decoder is AVoIP Decoder that is part of Bolin DanteAV camera system. Over standard Gigabit network, a single-channel networked AV decoder outputs baseband video HDMI 2.0, which not only works with Bolin DanteAV PTZ camera but also works with standard DanteAV video device within Dante eco system.

It transports up to UHD/4K60 4:4:4 video output with ultra low latency and lossless quality. It supports HDCP, plus IP PTZ camera control and embedded audio and RS-RS422/IR control pass-through.

As part of Dante Audio over IP eco family, using standard Gigabit Ethernet network switches and CAT5e UTP wiring, D Series decoder delivers a high-performance virtual video matrix routing solution for presentation of multimedia, and live camera images, Dante 4k video content application such as demanding conference room and classroom applications.

Powered By DanteAV™ Module

  • Pair with Bolin D412/D220 Dante AV Ultra PTZ camera, Powered by Dante AV Ultra module, D Series Dante AV Ultra Decoder video output achieves lossless video and extremely low latency with video and audio synchronization.
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing Dante audio ecosystem, the D Series decoder is managed using the Dante Controller Software with flexibility to independently route audio and video with sub-microsecond accuracy to minimize time alignment issues

Dante Ecosystem Friendly

  • D10H Dante AVoIP decoder instant compatibility with over 2000 existing Dante-enabled products.
  • Unified control of camera audio and video using familiar tools – Dante Controller.
  • No need to replace network infrastructure. Dante AV Ultra works with already installed, cost-effective 1Gbps network gear.
  • Uses Dante Controller and endpoints so you can easily click to check video and audio control routing.

intoPIX’s JPEG 2000 enables Dante AV Ultra to:

  • Create 4K multi-screen environments, allowing audio to be routed wherever desired
  • Deliver perfect lip-sync during live presentations with video thanks to ultra-low latency
  • Easily deploy and manage video walls at lower cost thanks to the utilization of Cat 5e cables and switchers
  • Simplify installation and use of conference rooms that combine video and audio media.

Lossless image with extremely low codec latency

  • Bolin’s D Series decoder, it transports up to UHD/4K60 4:4:4 video output with ultra low latency and lossless quality.
  • D Series decoder incorporates an optimized implementation of the popular JPEG2000 codec in FPGA, which delivers visually perfect lossless image at 4K60 with < 10ms codec latency.

100% Synchronized video and audio

D Series DanteAV decoder integrated Dante’s sub-microsecond synchronization to video and audio, a Dante single network clock keeps the camera video in sync regardless of the number of endpoints, making Lip-Sync problem a thing of the past.

HDMI output EDID supported

The D10H provides decoded image to output via HDMI 2.0 which supports EDID. Integrated high-performance scaling engine provides upscaling and downscaling to the encoded source for a wide array of UHD, HD resolutions to match the different capabilities and requirements of sources, displays, codecs, and other equipment.

Remote Control & Monitoring

The D Series has built-in serial (RS-422), which can be used for serial port PTZ joystick controller via Dante Serial Over IP control running Visca protocol. Also has IR over IP to control connected display or other devices.