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The Aviom A360 Personal Mixer delivers a 36-channel mix engine for up to 17 mono or stereo sources plus ambience. Each A360 user can create custom mixes to meet their needs and application by choosing from up to 64 source channels.

Each mix channel on the A360 can host a mono or stereo source that can be adjusted for volume, stereo placement, tone, and reverb. These channels can be set to stereo or mono mode, making equal space for effects or submixes and more without taking up additional space on the mixer.

The A360’s Dual Profile Channel allows the musician to reserve their most important channels on a dedicated button for instant access. This channel also offers two sets of mix settings that are instantly accessible through the A or B profile select buttons.

The A360 designed specifically for the sonic characteristics of in-ears monitors and offers EQ curves for the master tone controls, in addition to master Bass, Treble, and Enhance tone functionality. A per-channel reverb control is combined with the A360’s Stereo Placement controls for use with these monitors, while One-Touch Ambience controls allows the A360 to add ambient noise from the built-in ambience mic or external room mics.

The A360’s Mono Mix Out has a dedicated volume control and XLR connector that can be used for a powered wedge or to add a tactile subwoofer to the system. In systems that include a D800 or D800-Dante A-Net Distributor, Network Mix Back can be used to eliminate analog connections from the A360 to transmitter units for wireless in-ears.

Audio is distributed from a console to the personal mixers using standard Cat-5e cables with intuitive controls for easy set-up and configuration. All of the A360’s mix settings, channel assignments and names can be saved to a USB thumb drive for safekeeping or transferring to another unit.

A360 Display is an iOS app that augments the hardware interface with multi-channel views that show each channel in the context of the mix as a whole.

Download the Data Sheet above for full Tech Specs.

• Customizable channel selection from up to 64 channels
• 36-channel mix engine for up to 17 mono or stereo sources plus ambience
• Four Instant Mix Recall presets plus 16 standard presets
• Per-channel volume, reverb, tone, and Stereo Placement with independent pan and spread control
• One-Touch Ambience using network audio or the onboard mic
• Dual Profile Channel for each musician’s favorite or most important channel
• USB profile transfer
• Three-band master tone controls optimized for in-ear monitors
• 1/4″ and 1/8″ stereo mix out plus XLR mono mix out
• Support for Network Mix Back and A360 Display


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