AVID Pro Tools| MTRX

Audio Interface


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Avid’s Pro Tools | MTRX combines pristine sound quality with extensive monitoring and routing capabilities in a versatile audio interface available for Pro Tools | HDXHD Native, and other pro audio applications. With Pro Tools | MTRX, the user enjoys the superior sonic quality of DAD’s legendary AD/DA converters, plus flexible routing and monitor control when used standalone or with Avid Pro Mixing surfaces. And because the interface can be customised with the analogue and digital I/O required, the most demanding music and post-production challenges can be easily undertaken.

Exceptional sound quality

Digital Audio Denmark’s (DAD’s) AD and DA converters are renowned for delivering the cleanest, most transparent, and highly detailed sound. Pro Tools | MTRX is no exception, enabling users to get the best sound quality possible from their Pro Tools | HD system-up to super-high-resolution 384 kHz DSD. And because it does double duty as both an audio I/O and monitor interface, it offers exceptional versatility too.

Expanded monitor control

Take full remote control of all sources, monitors, and speaker sets directly from Pro Tools | S6, other EUCON-enabled control surfaces, and the included DADman software. Pro Tools | MTRX includes Pro | Mon 2, putting complete monitoring, talkback, summing, and fold-down control at your fingertips, whether mixing in mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, or even a 64-channel immersive audio mix.

Configurable IO

Pro Tools | MTRX is fully modular, so can be customised with a wide variety of I/O and interface options. From analogue inputs, outputs, and high-quality mic pres, to Dante, MADI, AES3, 3G-SDI, and more, it’s easy to connect with any type of gear and route any signal between the various I/O formats.

Versatile routing

Using DADman software, it’s easy to route, split, and patch audio quickly, flexibly, and extensively, with a matrix capacity of up to 1,500 x 1,500 cross points. Any input can be fed to any output – it’s even possible to send audio to multiple outputs simultaneously, providing unlimited workflow possibilities.