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Pro Tools 12-Month Subscription bundle


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Take on the biggest, most complex productions with this top-tier offering for audio post and music professionals who require the full track and I/O counts, Pro Tools | HDX workflows, guaranteed performance, and advanced features that Pro Tools has to offer. Pro Tools Flex is a powerful new subscription bundle that includes Pro Tools Ultimate, plus a massive collection of instruments, effects, and sounds to maximize your creative possibilities. Create and mix the largest, most complex productions with ease—including Dolby Atmos and Ambisonics. And get access to over 1,600 macros that dramatically accelerate your workflow, so you can deliver exceptional work with the utmost efficiency.

Key Features

  • Get everything you need to record, design, edit, and mix sound for picture in the highest quality with the proven tools and workflows professionals rely on to deliver their best work
  • Cut and mix sound to picture with great precision, speed, and ease thanks to advanced automation and editing tools, plus easy studio sync to tackle the most demanding productions
  • Track and mix the largest music productions with ease when using Pro Tools | HDX and audio interfaces for recording pristine-quality sound with near-zero latency
  • Accelerate Dolby Atmos mixing with the proven streamlined workflows professionals rely on to mix almost every commercial movie and TV production on the planet
  • Fly through tedious tasks fast with SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition providing over 1,600 Pro Tools macros to accelerate your workflow
  • Power your entire facility with tightly integrated systems and surfaces that offer DSP acceleration for guaranteed performance, near-zero latency, and unmatched hands-on control

Comparison Chart

Product Pro Tools Artist Pro Tools Stuido Pro Tools Flex
Audio Tracks 32 512 2048
Aux Tracks 32 128 1024
Instrument Tracks 32 512 512
Midi Tracks 64 1024 1024
Video Tracks 0 1 64
Routing Folders 0 1 64
Native I/O 16 64 256
Support Standard Standard Expert Plus
Hardware Supported Native Only Native. Carbon, S6L Native, Carbon, S6L, HDX, HD Native
Digilink License Yes
Surround/Atmos/ Ambisonics Mixing Stereo Only Yes Yes
Clip FX Clip FX Preview Only Clip FX Editing Clip FX Editing
Bounce mix Multistem Yes Yes
AAF/OMF Import/Export Yes Yes
Included Plugins Artist Bundle (100+) Complete Bundle Complete Bundle
Heat Yes Yes
Groovecell/Synthcell Virtual Instrumnts Yes Yes Yes
Inner Circle Reqards Annual Subscription Only Annual Subscription Only Annual Subscription Only