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Need more voices for your Pro Tools | Ultimate rig? Pro Tools | Ultimate makes it easy to expand your available voice/audio track count to support the largest music and audio post productions. Increase the voice limit with Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs that deliver can deliver an additional 384 voices of performance for up to 768 voices per system. Each Voice Pack adds an additional 128/64/32 voices* at 48/96/192 kHz to Pro Tools | Ultimate’s base 384 voices.

Each Pro Tools Voice Pack Adds

  • Mono audio tracks: 128/64/32 additional voices/audio tracks
  • Stereo audio tracks: 64/32/16 additional voices/audio tracks
  • Quad audio tracks: 32/16/8 additional voices/audio tracks
  • 5.1 surround audio tracks: 21/10/5 additional voices/audio tracks
  • 7.1 surround audio tracks: 16/8/4 additional voices/audio tracks
A mono audio track uses one voice, a stereo track uses two voices, a 5.1 track uses six voices, and so on

Pro Tools Voice Pack Requirements

  • Pro Tools | Ultimate 2019.5 or later
  • Pro Tools | HD Native, Core Audio device, or ASIO support
  • Avid-qualified computer
  • iLok authorization—you can authorize Pro Tools | Ultimate Voice Packs using either a cloud license with iLok Cloud or with a physical iLok USB key—get one here


  • 128 Voice Pack
  • 256 Voice Pack
  • 384 Voice Pack
  • 1280 Voice Pack