Tube channel strip.


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A combination of tube preamplification, opto-compression, sweep EQ, output level control and VU metering inside a striking 2U unit. The VT737 SP has three input selections: firstly, a transformer balanced microphone input with phantom power, secondly, an instrument DI input with jack socket on the front panel, and thirdly, a balanced Class A high-level line input. The opto-compressor features a minimum signal path design with twin vacuum tube triodes for gain matching. The optical attenuator acts as a passive level controller. Spectral control such as de-essing can be achieved by routing the dual mid range of the 4-band sweepable EQ section to the sidechain input.

• Tube preamplification, opto-compression and sweepable EQ

• Minimal signal path design ensures negligible signal degradation

• 4 vacuum tube triodes

• Transformer balanced mic input

• Stereo link facility

• Professional VU meter

• 2U rack-mountable