API 527



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The 527 is part of API’s VCA based compressors and offers features common to the line, including “feed forward” and “feed back” gain reduction methods selectable on the front panel, plus a choice of vintage and modern compression characteristics. It offers a “SOFT”/”HARD” switch for an “over-easy” type compression and can be operated with signal input levels from +10 dBu to -20 dBu.

The 527 features an Output fader control that ranges from minus infinity to +10dB, and output capability is +28 dBu through the API 2510 and 2520 Discrete Op-amps and a large API output transformer. The output level remains fairly constant regardless of the threshold or ratio control.  The patented THRUST function can be switched in and out via the front panel as well, applying a high pass filter before the RMS detector circuit that preserves that punchy bottom end. Attack and Release are fully adjustable.

• VCA based compressors

• continuously variable detented:Threshold control, Attack and Release controls, Ratio control

• Output Fader level control

• 10 segment VU/Gain Reduction meter with selector switch


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