Yellowtec: Intellimix Trade-up Promo until 31/05/18

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Yellowtec: Intellimix Trade-up Promo until 31/05/18
After many years of success, you know that you can always count on the Intellimix, it never lets you down. So, now you want to stick with the Intellimix but take your mixes to the next level. Thanks to the Intellimix trade-in offer, we’ve made the choice to upgrade even easier.

Just follow these steps:
Until 31st May 2018, buy a new Intellimix and you will receive an immediate cash-back of £880 for returning your old Intellimix. Simply contact HHB’s sales team with your Intellimix’s serial number. You will then be able to purchase your new Intellimix Desktop Mixer with a £880 discount**. You will need to return the old Intellimix to HHB’s headquarters at the address below after your purchase, with your name and contact details:

FAO: Yellowtec Trade-in
HHB Communications Ltd.
73-75 Scrubs Lane,
NW10 6QU

Simpler & smarter than ever.
The new Intellimix Desktop Mixer is fun, simple and smart. From the way it works to the way it looks, Intellimix delivers on every front. Fitted with our all-new G-Touch© faders and built into a solid aluminium body, it offers uncompromising usability and value. It also fits on any desk, just like its beloved predecessor currently on your desk.

** To benefit from the promotion your current Intellimix has to be functioning and its serial number must be available.

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