Broadcast Solutions spec’s HHB UDP-89 universal disc player for new ZDF HD OB truck

Tuesday 29th September 2009

HHB NewsBroadcast Solutions spec’s HHB UDP-89 universal disc player for new ZDF HD OB truckHHB NewsBroadcast Solutions spec’s HHB UDP-89 universal disc player for new ZDF HD OB truck
Leading German systems integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH has included an HHB UDP-89 Professional Universal DVD/CD player in a new HD outside broadcast truck commissioned by national broadcaster ZDF. Built at a cost of almost €8 Million, the truck contains two video and two audio production areas, designed to meet the client’s requirement for absolute flexibility in applications ranging from sports to live entertainment. 

Responsibility for the audio systems in the new truck fell to specialist contractor Michael Lindermeir, for whom reliability was the key factor in the choice of a universal disc player.

“The client had initially requested a different player but after some investigation, I found that the HHB UDP-89 is the only DVD/CD player available with balanced multichannel audio outputs. This means we can make a secure connection on a D-Sub without the need for an unbalanced to balanced converter, which would compromise the integrity and reliability of the cabling.” 

“Also the UDP-89 is a dedicated professional player in a robust 1U rack-mounting package – not an adapted domestic player with a rack kit. It all adds up to a player that I can install easily and be sure will operate reliably for a long time to come.”

The facility to provide a simultaneous stereo downmix alongside the multichannel outputs equips the UDP-89 ideally in its role of playing reference stereo and 5.1 audio for producers and engineers as they familiarise themselves with the acoustic environment.

“We are due to deliver another HD truck to ZDF early in 2010,” concludes Lindermeir. “The HHB UDP-89 will be the universal disc player of choice once again!” 

Broadcast Solutions is a major supplier of tailored broadcast systems and Germany’s leading designer and manufacturer of DSNG vehicles and HD outside broadcast trucks. With customers throughout the world, the company has successfully implemented more than 100 OB and several studio installations, as well as fixed up- and downlink stations. 

The UDP-89 is a universal DVD/CD player that delivers broadcast-quality video and audio playback in a compact, 1U rack-mounting format, and has a host of professional interfacing features that make it ideal for use in a wide variety of mobile and fixed installations. By making the UDP-89 compatible with a huge array of disc and file formats, HHB has effectively removed the limitations imposed by conventional devices to produce a truly universal and highly dependable player. 

Speaking on behalf of HHB, International Sales Manager Matthew Fletcher says, “We’re delighted that Broadcast Solutions has recognised the superior performance and connectivity of the UDP-89. The product is designed from the outset to be the ultimate, universal DVD/CD player for demanding professional applications.” 

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