HHB Focuses On Soundfield For Surround Sound Acquisition

Friday 11th September 2009

HHB NewsHHB Focuses On Soundfield For Surround Sound Acquisition
IBC 2009, HHB Stand 8.E54: Consistent with HHB’s role as a leading advisor and supplier to broadcasters and OB services providers in the move to multi-channel audio, HHB is showing new products from surround sound acquisition specialists SoundField at IBC 2009. 

On show for the first time is a new version of SoundField’s SPS200 compact microphone ¬ the SPS200 Zephyx Kit featuring a shorter bodied microphone and a new Zephyx mount and windshield system. Comprising a unique lightweight ‘floating cage’ assembly which mechanically decouples the microphone from the supporting boom pole or stand, the Zephyx system virtually eliminates vibration or handling noise. 

Like other SoundField microphones, the SPS200 is a multi-capsule mic, capable of capturing audio in three dimensions and outputting audio in a variety of formats if required, including mono, stereo, M&S and phase-coherent 5.1. The SPS200 is the smallest, lightest and most affordable microphone in the SoundField range, and unlike other SoundField mics, it does not ship with a separate hardware decoder. Instead, users determine the output audio format in post-production using a cross-platform computer plug-in, Surround Zone, which is available for VST and TDM-compatible digital audio workstations. 

Also new from SoundField on the HHB Stand 8.E54 is the SMP200, a four-channel mic preamp designed to complement the SPS200 ‘Software Controlled’ Microphone. For preamplification purposes, the SPS200 can be used with any multi-channel mic pre or digital interface with onboard preamps. However, the output of the SPS200’s four capsules still needs to be gain-matched, and the SMP200 is designed as a one-box dedicated solution to address this need. 

Capable of being used as a standard high-quality four-channel mic pre, the SMP200 differs from other multi-channel preamps by offering a ganged master gain control, 48V phantom power and a low-pass filter that can be applied simultaneously across all four channels, thus ensuring the outputs from the SPS200’s capsules remain perfectly matched. 

Also new from SoundField and now shipping is the UPM-1 a hardware stereo-to-5.1 upmix processor designed for HD broadcasters who use a lot of archive stereo material and wish to generate acceptable 5.1 broadcast mixes from stereo soundtracks. As a transmission tool, the UPM-1 can also be used to upmix a stereo source to feed the 5.1 production chain. Commenting on the appointment of HHB as their Broadcast Specialist Reseller, SoundField Managing Director Ken Giles says, “We recognise HHB’s expertise in multi-channel audio and the company’s considerable contribution in the field of broadcast sound over the years. We therefore look forward to working in partnership with Martin O`Donnell and his team to bring the considerable benefits of SoundField multi-channel microphone systems to HHB’s HD broadcast customers.” 

Speaking for HHB, Broadcast Sales Manager Martin O’Donnell says “SoundField has created an unparalleled range of solutions for the acquisition of multi-channel audio, making it easy for broadcasters to capture surround sound content.” 
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