Audio-over-IP and the future of production and broadcasting

Monday 4th December 2017

Designed to deliver high quality audio, Audio-over-IP has caused a phenomenon in the production and broadcasting market, year by year and brand by brand, pioneering audio companies are making the transition to offer AOIP compatible devices to accommodate and supply the growing demands of production and broadcasting houses utilising Audio-over-IP protocols. With the number of Dante enabled products leaping from 675 to 950 between 2015 and 2016 it’s clear to see how manufacturers and facilities alike are getting on board with AoIP.

But why are more analogue and traditional digital protocols being replaced with AoIP? 

With only a single cable required to connect your network, excessive cabling and analogue utilities are becoming redundant. This makes IP networking incredibly cost effective before even looking at the hardware.

Faster Installation due to less hardware and cable changes means lower installation costs are needed along with minimal disruption to your work schedule. Hardware upgrades can be expensive and hard to futureproof without constant investment.  Purchasing an AoIP compatible network eliminates this concern and minimizes the devices needed. AoIP networks and devices are just as, if not, more reliable as the older analogue and digital systems. Increasing your network as and when you need it and to suit any installation has never been more easy or flexible.

AoIP compatibility is spreading to the lower priced units for small to medium setups, meaning that AoIP is not just an option for bigger budgets but anyone looking to reduce infrastructure costs and inspire workflow. 

One of the key benefits of high quality audio transmission using IP is zero latency. Making tracking and dubbing issues insignificant when transferring over long distances.

Audio-over-IP is playing a huge role in the future of broadcasting and production with more networks around the world migrating to IP. The increasing demand and enthusiasm of both manufacturers and users demonstrated just how effective this efficient, low-cost and futureproof network option has been and how it continues its growth in the broadcasting and production industries.

HHB and Scrub have years and numerous experiences with Audio over IP, making us the best option for advice, guidance, support and knowledge.

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