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Monday 20th November 2017

With a legacy spanning almost six decades, Studer has pioneered the most advanced user interfaces in the industry. As the exclusive UK and Ireland Distributor and the UK’s leading Pro Audio Technology supplier we understand how essential pristine audio, unparalleled connectivity and reliability are in any professional facility. Studer deliver all of these necessary and essential requirements.

Dedicated to developing easy-to-use and fast-to-learn mixing systems, Studer have also patented pioneering technologies such as Vistonics and FaderGlow. Vistonics is the uniquely designed and developed user interface that allows you to instantly and intuitively have access to your entire mix. FaderGlow allows you to colour code your fader channels to group and label them so you don’t lose track of your layout and mix.

Studer owners span multiple areas of the broadcast and media industry including the Royal Opera House, the BBC, numerous broadcasting companies and most recently the University of Surrey, home of the word renowned Tonmeister course. HHB are ready to assist, consult and supply any installation, project or upgrade with our sales and support team using decades of audio technology experience available to answer any enquiries.

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Infinity Series

Infinity is the Flagship range of large-scale mixing consoles. Features the industry-first Studer Infinity Core, delivering an unprecedented 800+ audio channels with superb sonic quality, and more than 5000 inputs and outputs. With the BBC and Academy Award Winner AR Rahman amongst the list of Infinity Console owners it’s clear to see that quality and reliability are two very essential aspects of the Infinity range and Studer in general.

Vista Series

Featuring the incredibly popular Vista 1, the Vista range offers all-in-one compact, flexible mix systems for broadcast, live and production applications offering a cost-effective, future-proof console and flexibility.

OnAir Series

The highly regarded OnAir range represents sleek, unique and efficient design in the broadcasting industry. From the compact OnAir 1500 to the OnAir 3000, these consoles offer a compact and elegant control surface for any broadcasting house, perfectly designed to fit any TV & Radio environment.

Micro Series

By combining renowned Studer quality with powerful features, the Micro series delivers unprecedented value for a variety of applications. Comprised of the core unit, graphical, browser-based user interface and optional fader control surface, the Micro Series is ideal for radio and TV broadcast, production studios, ENG/DSNG and more. 

Glacier Series

The Studer Glacier Series is a highly customizable broadcast audio solution that provides comprehensive control, flexibility and interoperability for any on-air application. Each component offers forwards and backwards compatibility with Studer DSP platforms. Multiple modules can be added to create custom-tailored consoles that bring new levels of control and versatility to any broadcast.    

University of surrey – Tonmeister Course

"It has performed flawlessly - The user interface is a brilliant combination of touchscreens and embedded rotary encoders – all the students so far have been impressed with how intuitive it is, which means it’s quick to learn and easy to use in high-pressure situations".

Russell Mason, Senior Lecturer at University of Surrey

The Economist

"The Economist has streamlined their studio workflow and created an effective and future proof environment, to cater for any project they face in the future in an efficient and effective way. The Economist delivers content globally and has proven that it's quality not quantity that counts"  HHB Sales Director Steve Angel.


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