Save 33% on RTW Masterclass Plug-Ins from HHB for a limited-time only

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Save 33% on RTW Masterclass Plug-Ins from HHB for a limited-time only
HHB is offering a 33% savings on RTW Masterclass plug-ins until September 30th, 2015.

Contact HHB or Scrub Sales to take advantage of this limited-time offer:
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RTW Masterclass Metering Loudness Tools and Mastering Tools plug-ins provide the functionality of the TouchMonitor TM7/9 hardware meters in a  software application for Mac or PC.

Loudness Tools


RTW Loudness Tools offers metering and loudness display plug-ins for mono, stereo, multichannel, and surround applications (8 channels max.) at standard sampling rates up to 96 kHz.

Loudness Tools delivers essential analyzer tools for radio producers, and audio/video engineers in a pure software form for meeting specifications required by TV and radio broadcast. All widely used PPM and TruePeak measurements and scales are offered in standard plug-in format for Windows and Mac OS, without the need for additional hardware.

Combing the functionality of the award-winning TM7 and TM9 basic PPM instruments in combination with its loudness licence, Loudness Tools offers the same degree of functionality and clarity as the hardware models in an easy-to-read format.

Mastering Tools


The RTW Mastering Tools plug-in provides a set of software instruments offering extensive analysis and display functions for mastering, metering and loudness measurements for single- up to multichannel applications. A wide range of PPM scales and displays, VU appearance and TruePPM measurements are available.  

Mastering Tools Includes all the features from Loudness Tools plug-in, plus RTW’s Surround Sound ‘House’ Visualiser, Real Time Spectrum Analyser, Vectorscope and Phase Meter (2-Ch and Surround).

Mastering Tools offers the basic and Premium PPM, Loudness, RTA, SSA, Audio Vectorscope, and (Multi-) Correlator, with the same degree of functionality and clarity as the TM7 and TM9 hardware meters. Thanks to intuitive operation, they are equally suitable for users with or without background knowledge.

*Both versions offer six selectable window frames which can be freely arranged and scaled on screen. Multiple instances can be run. AAX, AU, RTAS & VST. Mac and Windows.
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