TC Electronic's new Lm1n, LM2n and LM6n Native Loudness Meter Plug-ins

Wednesday 7th May 2014

TC Electronic's new Lm1n, LM2n and LM6n Native Loudness Meter Plug-ins
LM1n Loudness Meter plug-in
The new TC Electronic native LM1n Loudness Meter plug-in provides essential loudness metering features for any DAW, in addition to  
off-line measuring in Pro Tools by running LM1n as an Audio Suite plug-in.
Leaving only a small footprint on the screen, LM1n complies with all international loudness broadcast standards an intuitive tool for audio or video platforms.

The two arrows in the Program Loudness section indicate in which direction you should go - and to which degree. If both arrows are green Program Loudness level is within target, no further adjustments are necessary. LM1n supports all modern plug-in standards, thus providing the freedom to work with any DAW:


Main Features

•    Extremely Easy-to-Use - Just Pick a Preset and Go Ahead
•    Guiding Arrows - Clear Indication of Whether You Need to Turn Up or Down
•    Complete Compliance - ITU BS.1770-3, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, TR-B32 and OP-59
•    Faster Than Real Time - Audio Suite Off-Line Measuring in Pro Tools
•    Plug-In Formats - VST, AU, AAX and AudioSuite (PC and Mac) True-Peak Warning - Ensures Audio Quality Downstream (data reduction, codecs, converters, etc.)
•    Universal Descriptors - Displays Any Two Parameter Values

LM2n and LM6n Loudness Meter plug-ins

TC Electronic’s LM2n and LM6n plug-ins measure Loudness and True-Peak on mono, stereo or surround (LM6n) tracks in all major DAWs for compliance with all international loudness broadcast standards.

The new native LM2n and LM6n plug-ins have been upgraded with new dedicated settings, new viewing options, improved off-line measuring in Pro Tools, and a host of other additional new features. Both are offered with TC’s innovative Radar Display, allowing you to capture the essence of the loudness landscape at a glance. These essential loudness-metering features are available for work with any DAW, in addition to off-line measuring in Pro Tools by running LM2n & LM6n as an AudioSuite plug-in.

LM2n and LM6n are almost identical, as they both offer accurate loudness measuring, normal and big radar views, faster-than-realtime AudioSuite measuring in Pro Tools and much more.

LM2n and LM6n differences:
•    LM2n Supports Mono and Stereo - LM6n Supports Mono, Stereo and 5.1 Surround
•    LM6n Includes Logging of Loudness Stats. LM2n Does Not

What's new compared to the original LM2 and LM6 Native plug-ins?
•    Dedicated Max Momentary Loudness and Max Short Term Loudness Settings
•    Two Different Radar Sizes - Normal and Big
•    Improved Off-Line Measuring in Pro Tools
•    PPM Surround Channel Order View - Film, SMPTE/ITU or DTS
•    PLR - Peak to Loudness Ratio measurement
•    Desaturated Color for Film Production
•    No Physical iLok USB Key Needed - Use Your iLok or Your Computer
•    Updated Log File Format (LM6n)
•    Enterprise version for larger installs available

Enterprise Solution
For large broadcast stations and production facilities, TC Electronic offers LM1n, LM2n and LM6n in a special enterprise version that provides for the installation of a large number of plug-ins with no need for iLok keys or unique licenses stored on a facility’s computers. As an enterprise customer your company logo is integrated as part of the custom version of the plug-in.

•    No unique licenses stored on local computers
•    Allows your IT department to centrally install many computers at once
•    Corporate logo

To learn more about the enterprise solution LM1n, LM2n or LM6n or the enterprise solution contact the HHB or Scrub Teams on:

HHB Sales: +44 (0)20 8962 5000 or 

Scrub Sales: +44 (0)20 7025 6020 or
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