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With a legacy spanning eight decades, Studer has pioneered the most advanced user interfaces in the industry. Studer owners span multiple areas of the broadcast and media industry including the Royal Opera House, the BBC, numerous broadcasting companies and most recently the University of Surrey, home of the word renowned Tonmeister course. 

As the exclusive UK and Ireland Distributor, and the UK’s leading Pro Audio Technology supplier, we understand how essential pristine audio, unparalleled connectivity and reliability are in any professional facility. Studer deliver all of these necessary and essential requirements. 

HHB are ready to assist, consult and supply any installation, project or upgrade with our sales and support team using decades of audio technology experience available to answer any enquiries. 


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Studer Glacier

The Glacier Series is Studer’s most recently introduced solution for broadcast audio mixing, it consists of a set of innovative control panels and supporting software applications.  Glacier builds on Studer’s unparalleled knowledge of digital mixing consoles and utilise knowledge gained from the Studer Vista mixers, especially is the design of Glacier’s interactive screens and assignable hardware controls.  Based on Studer’s vast experience of supplying sophisticated OnAIr mixing consoles to broadcasters across the world, Glacier is an ultra-modern solution that maintains the usability and resilience that are synonymous with the Studer brand.

The Glacier Central Screen and Fader control modules make operation faster and easier by providing a combination of a multi-touch screen with essential hardware controls.  Glacier’s interactive virtualised control surface allows users to customize controls to suit, host comprehensive control interfaces for external equipment and simplify the studio environment. The Glacier Series offers full compatibility with the popular Studer OnAir mixers, allowing existing systems to be expanded or refreshed with Glacier control modules.  Glacier control modules can be combined in numerous configurations to create custom-tailored consoles that bring new levels of control and versatility to broadcast facilities.

Glacier’s virtualised control surface allows Studer to develop features that are simply delivered as software releases, future proofing Glacier products.  Glacier control modules are connected by a single ethernet cable that carries data and PoE powering, making the system simple to install.  The Glacier system uses an external computer to run the software application, typically a resilient server grade computer is specified.  Glacier is controlled by the same application that provides remote control of the OnAIr mixers, therefore Glacier completely integrates the functionality of existing Studer radio mixers.  Glacier Series panels are compatible with the Studer DSP Cores: Compact Score, SCoreLive and the OnAIr1500’s Nanocore.  Systems can be configured with almost unlimited I/O based on the Studer D21m and Compact Stagebox units.


Glacier Central Screen Module

The Central Screen Module features a vibrant display for easily assigning and accessing GUI controls.  The module has two rotary and twenty-six push buttons that provide instant control of GUI displayed functions.  Standard monitor processing is provided by the Central Screen module which features a Dante interface and connectors for talkback microphone, loudspeakers and headphones.  Dante is used to link the monitor audio channels to the DSP Core.  Channel processing can also be handled by the Central Screen module, so a simple system would only need a Central Screen module and the DSP Core.


Key features

  • TCP/IP Control
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Customizable GUI
  • Capacitive Multi-Touch Display
  • Dante AoIP
  • 1x HQ Mic Inputs
  • 2x Line Outputs
  • 1x Headphone Output
  • 2x Rotary Encoders
  • 26x Capacitive Touch/Push buttons


Glacier Fader Module

The Fader Module has six motorised fader with tradition style On/Off/Cue buttons and a large touch screen with twelve additional buttons to action on screen functions.  The Fader module features Studer FaderGlow, where each fader slot is individually illuminated by internal LED arrays.  Different colours can be programmable for different types of signals, providing the operator powerful feedback of the assignable control surface. Each Fader module is a self-contained unit that connects via single ethernet cable.  Multiple Fader modules can be configured to create versatile, customized surfaces that are tailored for specific applications and environments.

Key Features

  • TCP/IP Control
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet
  • Customizable GUI
  • Capacitive Multi-Touch Display
  • 6x Faders (Motorized Option)
  • FaderGlow
  • 12x Capacitive Touch/Push buttons
  • 12x Push buttons
  • User Configurable Graphical User Interface


Glacier 12 Fader Console

The Glacier 12 fader consoles is a pre-configured package that features a Central Screen and two Fader modules.  Combined with the Studer NanoScore DSP rack and supporting accessories, the Glacier 12 Fader Console is a turnkey system that is suitable for small to mid size radio studios.


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