Pro Tools with native Dolby Atmos® mixing arriving soon at Scrub

Monday 8th May 2017

HHB NewsPro Tools with native Dolby Atmos® mixing arriving soon at Scrub

Due in the second quarter of 2017, the forthcoming release of Pro Tools will offer native Dolby Atmos mixing. Through collaboration between Avid and Dolby, Pro Tools will streamline complex workflows and facilitate the most fluid, efficient audio mixing for the leading immersive audio format.

The new release will be available for demo first at Scrub’s Dolby Atmos-equipped demonstration facility at 69 Wells Street, in the heart of the London W1 post-production community.

Pro Tools will feature a comprehensive suite of Dolby Atmos workflows to enable audio post professionals to work more fluidly in the multi-channel and object-based audio format. New features will include built-in Dolby Atmos panning, deep Avid pro mixing control surface integration, advanced automation with the Dolby Rendering and Mastering Unit (RMU), and more.

Pro Tools enhancements include support for Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 audio stems with built-in fold-down logic. On-the-fly switching and automation between surround and object outputs give mixers the ultimate flexibility. For the most fluid re-recording workflows, Pro Tools also synchronises audio and automation punches between input and playback modes in conjunction with the Dolby RMU. And support for ADM BWAV files, containing object metadata, makes remixing more efficient and economical for repurposing content.

Commenting on behalf of Scrub, Sales Manager Devin Workman says “More and more of our customers are being asked to deliver Dolby Atmos mixes so this this is a very important development for Pro Tools. In combination with an S6 console, it represents a powerful and cost-effective solution for mixing Dolby Atmos soundtracks.”



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