Scrub supplies new Pro Tools HDX system as Foley, Foots and Moves steps up the pace

Tuesday 16th May 2017

HHB NewsScrub supplies new Pro Tools HDX system as Foley, Foots and Moves steps up the pace

Creating great Foley is as much to do with vintage props and decades of experience as it is to do with cutting-edge production technology.  Thankfully ‘Foley, Foots and Moves’ combines all three in a fully furnished, ProTools HDX-equipped facility based at the Maidstone Studios complex in Kent.

“We have everything here including a kitchen with running water, built in doors with locks, knockers and letterboxes, a wide selection of floor surfaces and an enviable collection of vintage and contemporary props acquired over 40 years” says owner Paul Guiver, who cut his teeth dubbing ITV dramas back in the 90s. “But most importantly, we have an experienced team of dubbing mixers, Foley artists and sound designers, ready to deal with all sound requirements for dramas, animations and documentaries.”

Also important, of course, is the ability to fit seamlessly into the workflows of a prestigious client list that now includes the BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5, Disney, Amazon and Nickelodeon. “We see ProTools as the ‘Microsoft Office’ of audio production, and it’s essential that we can receive and deliver projects in the formats our clients require. The recent upgrade to ProTools HDX also enables us to record, edit, sync and monitor-mix more efficiently, providing our customers with fully sound-balanced foley that’s ready to use on a single fader.”

For Paul, experience also counts when it comes to the choice of equipment supplier. “My relationship with Scrub goes back years and I simply wouldn’t consider using any other supplier. I tell Scrub what we want to achieve and I trust them completely to design the system we need, taking care of everything from configuration and installation through to ongoing technical and operational support. I never feel that we’re being oversold to by Scrub. They’re always focused primarily on finding the best solution for the available budget, and it’s good to know that we can call on them for help and advice whenever we need it.”

Speaking on behalf of Scrub, Sales Manager Devin Workman says, “We’re delighted to assist Paul and his team with a system that helps optimise the great work they do at FFM. It’s fascinating watching an experienced Foley artist at work, there’s barely any re-sync’ing required. As Paul always says, it’s only bad Foley that gets noticed, so most people would have no idea what these guys do.”

A full list of the equipment supplied by Scrub in the recent upgrade includes a high-spec Apple Mac Pro in a Sonnet Xmac Pro Thunderbolt to PCIe chassis with Mobile Rack expansion, Seagate storage, iiyama Prolite 24” monitor, Avid HDX Core with ProTools HD Software, HD IO 8x8x8 interface and DB25-DB25 Digisnake, plus an AJA IO Express HD/SD interface.

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