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Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
AKGC451BSmall-diaphragm condenser microphoneNew£165
AKGCK92Omni CapsuleNew£99
AKGCK33Hypercardioid capsule (for SE300 Blue line) New£64
Audio TechnicaAT8033Condenser micNew£99
BehringerC-1UCondenser micNew£29
DPA4061BMOmni lavalier mic (Beige)New£220
DPA4061FMOmni Lavalier mic (Black)New£220
DPAEMK4071Omni Lavalier mic and ENG accessory kitNew£349
SamsonCM15PGooseneck Talkback micNew£49
SennheiserMZA900PIn-Line Power moduleNew£99
SennheiserMKE1-EWLavalier mic with 3.5mm jackNew£189
SennheiserEW135G3Handheld wireless mic systemNew£395
ShureP9RABodypack revceiver (fpor PSM900)New£350


Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
MackieMC EXT PROMC Extender Pro (for MCU)New£399
MackieONYX820I8 Channel Firewire mixerNew£139
MackieONYX1220I12 Channel Firewire mixerNew£545
SoundcraftRW5632M8 8 Channel mixerNew£349

Outboard and Processing

Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
EventideDDL-500500 Series Digital DelayNew£395
EventideH7600Multi FX ProcessorNew£2245
PresonusADL700Channel StripNew£795
PresonusADL6002 Channel Mic PreNew£975
TC ElectronicUPCON5.1 Up ConverterDemo£1695
TC ElectronicFinalizer 96KFinalizer Dynamics ProcessorNew£599
TC ElectronicD22Broadcast DelayNew£1095

Recorders and Players

Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
DenonDNC640Pro CD player (AES & Balanced analogue I/O)Demo£399
MarantzPMD570Solid state card recorder (Bal I/P)Demo£345
NagraARES-ML4Portable recorderNew£515
OlympusLS-20MPortable audio/video recorderNew£109
RolandR-05Compact Flash RecorderNew£109
TascamSSR-05Compact flash recorder/playerNew£225
TascamSS CDR1CDR/Compact flash RecorderDemo£495
ZoomQ4Video CamcorderNew£169


Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
AuralexMOPADPOPAD SPeaker Isolation PadsNew£25
Dynaudio995274061Airbase 12 Sub WooferDemo£1795
DynaudioAIR 6Active studio monitors with DSPDemo£1195 pair
Genelec5050APMSub WooferNew£495
TannoyREVEAL 402Active Studio MonitorsNew£110 pair
TannoyREVEAL 502Active Studio MonitorsNew£165 pair
TannoyDi6WHDi6 PA Speakers (White)New£95 pair

Interfaces and Converters

Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
DigicoUB-MADIUSB/MADI interface (48ch)Demo£295
EuphonixMA703MADI to Analogue converter (24 channel)Demo£995
Universal AudioUAD2 Sat Quad CustomUAD2 Satellite Quad CustomNew£775
Universal AudioUAD2 Sat DuoUAD2 Satellite DuoNew£379

Pro Tools and associated products

Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
AVIDCONTROLArtist MC Control Surface (Euphonix brand)Demo£599
AVIDMIXArtist Mix Control SurfaceDemo£599
AVIDNATIVE/OMNI BUNDLEPro Tools Native Thunderbolt and OMNI I/ODemo£2295
AVIDS3LSystem 16 inc Control Surface, Engine and 16 x I/0 Demo£8550
AVIDS3Pro Tools/Eucon Control SurfaceDemo£2625
AVIDC24Pro Tools Control SurfaceDemo£4195
EventideREVERB 16Room Reverb Plug InNew£75
WavesWAVGNBGold Native BundleNew£175


Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
DK TechnologiesDK5Surround meter with 3G SDIDemo£1545
DrawmerMC2.1Monitor ControllerNew£275
Mogami3162-0 8Ch8ch Multicore cable (Digital/Analogue) 50M drumNew£300
Mogami3161-0 4CH4ch Multicore cable (Digital/Analogue) 50M drumNew£150
Native InstrumentsMASCHINESTUDIOMaschine StudioDemo£499
WohlerAMP1-S8DAAudio MonitorDemo£525
WohlerVAMP2SDAAudio & Video MonitorDemo£1295
YamahaMY8AD968ch 96Khz input card (D type)New£245

Multi Channel Processors

Manufacturer Code Description Condition Sale Price
DolbyDP572Dolby E DecoderDemo£1895

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